Helping Doctors Thrive Through Business Competency!

Our physician-led business community will help you combat the 3 most common problems that physicians face:
👉 Burnout/Loss of autonomy
👉 Burdensome taxes
👉  Lack of business training

We help doctors use a professional micro-corporation as the solution to these problems through:

👉 Business Structuring
👉 Tax Efficiency
👉  Wealth Accumulation Planning

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How Micro-Corporations Transform Medical Careers

🎁 Break Free From The Broken Status Quo

You are a business.  Your micro-corporation is the foundational component of your entrepreneurial enterprise.
But you have to disentangle yourself from the rigged traditional model, and then shift your mindset to master your micro-business in the same way that you have mastered health and wellness.
Your hard-earned professional micro-business should:
Work for you, not the other way around
Should have sustainable, diversified constant growth
Should have predictable cash flow and profit
Should deliver a reliable result that fuels your personal and professional goals
Should not act as a substitute for life, rather allow the life you want

A Micro-Business Community Created Exclusively For Physicians


Led By Best-Selling Author Tod Stillson MD

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- Dr. AW, Family Physician

"Working with Tod at SimpliMD has helped cut my taxes in half! Let them help you do that through your professional corporation.


- Dr. CR, Family Physician

"Tod with SimpliMD  helped me increase my retained household income by over $100,000 through their PC-Employment Lite program."

- Dr. JC, Hospitalist

"Tod and Ben with SimpliMD gave me personalized concierge-level care with setting up my professional corporation. I highly recommend them!"

Our Community Vision

To inspire every US physician to be empowered as a micro-business within the marketplace.

Our Community Mission

To inform, inspire, and support you to flourish through micro-business competency, which in turn will empower you.

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The Comprehensive Employment Lite Program

Looking for an alternative to traditional employment that allows you to use your micro-corporation with an employer's safe harbor, but still want to avoid all the burden of managing a business?  Our flagship program simplifies the entire process by outsourcing the start-up, on-boarding, implementation, and maintenance of your PC-Employment Lite structure to the professionals at SimpliMD. For many doctors, the extra cost is worth the ease!

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Doctors Handle Being Sick Better Than Their Spouse

Jul 13, 2024


I'm Tod Stillson MD

I understand you, because I have been in your shoes. I have experienced near burnout with 15 years of traditional employment. Then I discovered a hidden path that revitalized my personal and professional life. It was creating a professional micro-corporation and using it within an employment lite contract.

Now I use my own personal experience as a traditional employee and my success as non-employee worker to help doctors just like you find professional freedom. I’ll show you how to reduce your taxes, gain professional autonomy, retain more income, grow your net worth faster, and build multiple channels of active and passive income with your professional micro-corporation as the foundation. I will be your guide and coach to help build your small business competency through a team of legal, accounting and business professionals that understand high net worth individuals. We will help you thrive personally and professionally.

You deserve the good life of a doctor, not the burned life of a healthcare factory worker!


I'm John Stillson MD

I am a family medicine resident with a passion for helping physicians leverage the business of medicine. My current training at a safety net hospital in Texas is preparing me to practice at the top of my medical license. The problem is that most physicians have not been prepared to leverage the unique physician business opportunities afforded to them. Instead, they have been herded like sheep into one size fits all employment models where they give up their autonomy and over time lose satisfaction with their careers. Physicians deserve better.

It is time for you to regain your autonomy, efficiently capture your value, increase your satisfaction, and leverage the opportunities your medical degree provides. With SimpliMD you have experienced professionals at your disposal to lead the way towards a brighter career.


Business School For Busy Doctors

Forget an MBA, and take control of your professional life and flourish with these comprehensive business courses.

Doctor-You Are A Business

Your professional training has earned you the power to make yourself a micro-business. This structure preserves your professional autonomy through the formation of a single-member micro-business.  Learn the basics of starting and operating your personal micro-business system with this 5-week course.






Micro-Business Skills for Independent Doctors

You need personalized skills for the business of medicine and this is largely absent from your training matrix.  Acquisition of practical business wisdom for a small business is what you need as an individual doctor, not an MBA. This 6 session course for residents, fellows, and early attending physicians will equip you to flourish in the future through personal business competency.


Master Your Enterprise

As you become more competent with micro-businesses, learn how to build the optimal business architecture for all of your active and passive income sources in this 6 step course.


Master Book-Keeping For your Micro-Business

Learn how to use Quickbooks and maximize the performance of your professional micro-business with this 5-step system.


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