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About  Agent John Stillson MD

Everyone has a unique professional journey. No matter where you are in that journey, the right plan can help you reach your goals and create the professional life you dream of.


I'm John Stillson MD

I am a family medicine resident with a passion for helping physicians leverage the business of medicine. My current training at a safety net hospital in Texas is preparing me to practice at the top of my medical license. The problem is that most physicians have not been prepared to leverage the unique physician business opportunities afforded to them. Instead, they have been herded like sheep into one size fits all employment models where they give up their autonomy and over time lose satisfaction with their careers. Physicians deserve better.


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By definition your educational process to become a doctor represents a massive investment in yourself that amounts to $500,000 or more. Find how your individual micro-corporation can become the foundation for creating active and passive income channels that will grow your business enterprise.

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My Story

I grew up in a doctor's home and always envisioned myself to be like my dad--a community based doctor who made a difference. I loved patrolling the sidelines with him at high school football games and always enjoyed rounding with him at the hospital on the weekends. His sense of calling to medicine was inspiring to me.

I also saw my dad get burned and undervalued by his employer--despite giving them his best.

About the time I entered high school, my dad was beaten down. But then somehow I saw him "make some changes" which all led to a restoration of his passion for medicine. At the time, I didn't fully understand what happened.

Now I know exactly what happened--he started his own Professional Corporation (PC) and became an independent contractor for the hospital. To the community it simply looked like he changed locations in town--but behind the scenes I knew he invested in his own medical office building and changed to an employment lite contract.

The change made me realize that after I completed my training, I needed to take a similar bath--if I wanted to avoid burnout.

So as a young physician I am inspired to work with SimpliMD to share with my peers how incorporation can make a huge difference in their lives.

"It is time for you to regain your autonomy, efficiently capture your value, increase your satisfaction, and leverage the opportunities your medical degree provides. With SimpliMD you have experienced professionals at your disposal to lead the way towards a brighter career.

- Dr. John Stillson

Why I Do It

I want you to know what I know about the business of medicine. 

It's not something I learned at medical school, nor in residency. It's something I learned by spending time with other physicians who have taken the time share their experiences with me.

I now want to share with you what I have learned.

I am one of you, and I know each of you are capable of business competency. You just have to be pointed to models to replicate, mentors to coach you, and materials that you can master. You are wired to quickly learn if you are given the right resources.  You don't need an MBA! You simply need some rails to run on.

I am passionate about transparently sharing with you what I have learned along the way as a young doctor.

It is my belief that every doctor is a business and each of you can thrive as you become more business competency.

I welcome you to join me in the journey.


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