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How Professional Micro-Corporations Are Transforming Medical Careers

business competency micro-corporations professional autonomy Sep 08, 2023
How Professional Micro-Corporations Are Transforming Medical Careers

This week, will be less writing and more listening. So it's a short post.

My friend, Dr. Kevin Pho with KevinMD interviewed me for his podcast in regard to my article "It’s time for every doctor to start a professional micro-corporation"

I would like for you to take a listen so you can hear my passion for growing our professional micro-corporation community.

You can hear the podcast here.

If you haven't joined our expanding community of doctors who are on the journey of becoming micro-business competent, please take the next step and become a member today. It is worth $2500 in products at our online store.

You can also download my free e-book "Why Every Physician Should Form Their Own Micro-Corporation".





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