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The Vision Of A Growing Community For Empowering Micro-Business Physicians

Sep 23, 2023

My Dream, My Passion

My dream is to empower every physician with the knowledge and skills to establish their own micro-corporation as the foundational step towards preserving their professional autonomy.

With the power you have earned through your professional license, you don't have to passively enter the marketplace as an individual and resign yourself to accepting the high burnout rate associated with traditional employment. This co-dependent work relationship is characterized by control, and ultimately, business owners have control over you as an employee. This is not a fulfilling way to live as a professional, and you have so much more potential! Instead, you can actively choose a better path that will enable you to thrive.

Self-employment through a micro-corporation offers you greater control over your life and can greatly benefit your personal and financial well-being. By entering the marketplace as a micro-business instead of an individual, you can effectively preserve your autonomy.

When you add the support and empowerment of like-minded doctors who come together in a community, it adds a greater power and inspiration to the entire process.

My vision for our SimpliMD community is this:

To inspire every US physician to empower themselves as a micro-business within the marketplace.


Imagine the Possibilities

It is time to ignite a movement within our physician tribe that helps each and every one of you see what is possible.

Avoiding burnout is possible, but it requires more than just wishful thinking. You cannot simply rely on luck to avoid becoming a victim of systemic burnout, as the odds are stacked against you (1 in 2), nor can you cannot depend on your employer to provide you with meaningful solutions. Instead, each of us needs to band together to take back control of our healthcare.

The system is rigged against us, and now is the time to rise up and take control of our future.

Imagine a future where you are not dependent on an employer or third parties, but instead, you can practice medicine with the professional autonomy you have earned. This means truly helping patients and enjoying the lifestyle you have always envisioned.

We Need To Band Together and Invite Others to Join

You are one of over 2000 doctors who are currently part of our SimpliMD community. Thank you for joining me on this empowering journey for our profession!

Today, I am reaching out to you for your help because I have a vision to grow our community to 10,000 members over the next year. Why? Because there is power, momentum, and inspiration in numbers when it comes to changing the mindset of doctors.

Yes, I know 10,000 members is a big, hairy, audacious goal. However, I firmly believe it is possible because doctors across the country are exhausted and frustrated with the current insanity of traditional employment. They are actively seeking solutions and answers.

Sadly, young doctors who have recently completed their training often have limited knowledge of what lies ahead for them, as they are often pushed into employment without fully understanding the implications.

Knowledge is power.

Every doctor needs to know that they have options beyond traditional employment.

You might be wondering about our plan to get this message out and grow our community five-fold in one year. Will we buy a bunch of email lists, create clever lead magnets, or pay a media company to assist us?

Nope, simply put, I want to do it with YOUR help.

No matter where you are on your micro-business journey, being connected to our SimpliMD community empowers you with valuable knowledge. Our stream of content consistently keeps you informed and equipped, hopefully empowering you to thrive!

Now is the time for you to share your knowledge and empower your physician friends who may be lacking business literacy and are unaware of what they are missing out on.

I Need Your Help

The reality is that physicians have a deep respect for and listen to their colleagues, particularly those who possess similar knowledge and expertise. This mutual understanding forms the foundation of effective collaboration among doctors. The secret lies in one doctor sharing trusted professional solutions with another doctor.

The most effective way to grow our community is by reaching out to YOUR professional peer network and inviting them to join us in our valuable community. There aren't many strings attached or any fancy affiliate links involved.

The first step is to invite others to join our movement by signing up to receive our regular emails that will provide information and inspiration about physician own micro-corporations. You can easily do this by sharing the following link:

As an added bonus, when they sign up, they can also download my best-selling book“Doctor Incorporated: Stop The Insanity of Traditional Employment and Preserve Your Professional Autonomy” for FREE here. (Yes you can download it too)

Please send them the links to our virtual community and the free book. Encourage them to join you in our community!

But wait there is more! If you send out 5 or more invitations to your peers, just email me at [email protected] and I will send you the link for a FREE annual membership to SimpliMD worth $2500.

By the way, I would like to suggest that you become a SimpliMD member and then sign up to become an affiliate before sending out your invitations because it could be financially advantageous for you.

To ensure the best experience for my affiliates, I prefer you to become members first. As an added incentive, I'm pleased to offer you a 50% off coupon for your membership here. Simply use the code "MEMBERSHIP50" at checkout.

I invite you to take your next step now by committing to become a member of our SimpliMD community now.

The Mission

Now let’s come back to exploring my dream of our community being one that empowers and supports physicians everywhere in their micro-business endeavors.

Imagine a community where physicians who own micro-businesses come together to share their experiences, challenges, and triumphs. This community would serve as a safe haven where doctors can find resources, advice, and inspiration to navigate the often turbulent waters of running micro-corporations that intersect with their lives as healthcare professionals.

It is a mission born out of my personal experience that there is a hidden professional space for doctors that needs exposed.

Our Mission at SimpliMD is to inform, inspire, and support physicians to flourish through micro-business competency, which in turn will empower doctors to thrive in their roles as both healers and entrepreneurs.


In the upcoming weeks, I will delve deeper into this mission for our SimpliMD community and thoroughly review the Roadmap for achieving this mission and vision.

Following that, I will examine what I refer to as the SimpliMD Way—a set of 9 practices that are critical to flourishing as micro-business owners in the marketplace.

I look forward to having you join me and help shape the future of our micro-business community.