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Unlock Your Potential with A One-Time Professional Micro-Business Consultation

Tired of searching for small business answers in chat rooms, google searches, and websites because you were never taught this stuff in your training?

Looking for some personalized advice that you can be sure is reliable and tailored to your physician life? Sign up now for an exclusive personalized business consultation from an experienced physician entrepreneur.

The truth is that you will pay your plumber or HVAC company more to service your home than you will pay for this 1 time professional consult of $99. You are worth it! Why not invest in yourself, and let me help you thrive personally and professionally?

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What you'll get from the meeting:

  • An abbreviated assessment of your professional and personal financial state.
  • An evaluation of how a professional micro-business can help you.
  • Time for Q & A
  • A Next Step Plans
  • A paid membership to SimpliMD that unlocks $2500 in products--this essentially makes the consultation free.