Job Stacking

Job stacking is the practice of working multiple jobs in multiple locations that additively create an income and lifestyle that you prefer. It represents a modern approach for physicians who no longer want to be stuck in one job in one location. Job stacking involves working in various clinical settings and can encompass any combination of W-2 and 1099 jobs that match your preferred lifestyle. It supports location-independent work, allowing you to live in a preferred location while providing professional services elsewhere.

Job Stacking for Doctors: A Modern Approach to Work-Life Balance

Are you leery of the burden of working as a 1.0 FTE in traditional employment? Would you prefer something more like 0.7 FTE so that you have some margins in your life? Learn how job stacking can help you create the lifestyle you want without sacrificing your professional goals. Download my free e-book explaining how job stacking can help you.