20 Reasons Every Doctor Should Form A Micro-Corporation During Residency

The Majority Are Wrong

Is it possible that the growing majority of doctors are mistaken in their decision to choose traditional employment? How is it that the most intelligent group of individuals on earth can be influenced to believe that being confined to traditional employment is in their best interest, especially when the burnout rate is approaching almost 60%?

Don’t Follow The Herd

In a world where the "herd mentality" often prevails, traditional physician employment can feel like the default choice. But here's the truth: You're not a sheep; you're a skilled and unique medical professional.

It's easy to follow the crowd, but your expertise deserves more. Every young doctor needs to embrace the unconventional, explore new opportunities, and find the path that truly aligns with your goals and values. Traditional employment is just one option – but you need to consider the many innovative ways to practice medicine that can lead to a more fulfilling and successful career. You're not a follower; you're a leader in your field.

The herd mentality and its associated insane thinking about burnout has got to stop!

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