$999.00 USD

Doctor-You Are A Business

Your professional training has earned you the power to make yourself a micro-business. This structure preserves your professional autonomy through the formation of a single-member micro-business. 

Learn the basics of starting and operating your personal micro-business system with this 6-week course that will cover critical topics like:

  1. Doctor You Are A Professional Micro-Business
  2. Using your Professional Micro-Business In The Marketplace
  3. Autonomy & The Professional Micro-Business Owner
  4. Retaining Income Through Your Professional Micro-Business
  5. Building Your Enterprise Through Your Professional Micro-Business
  6. Next Steps

What you'll receive immediately when you sign up for this course:

  • Membership to SimpliMD valued at $2500 in products at our store.
  • Inclusion into our SimpliMD community that is built exclusively for physicians who are growing in their micro-business competency.
  • A free subscription to receive regular micro-business insights created exclusively for our community members.