Take the first step in the employment lite journey--a SimpliMD feasibility study.


Scope of Services

Scope of Services Include:

  • Intake assessment by SimpliMD organizing your current professional and personal state
  • SimpliMD Membership ($2500 value)
  • A 4 Session Micro-PC Business Coaching Course to identify long-term and short-term professional and personal goals. ($2000 value).
  • Legal coaching to identify the preliminary name for your micro-corporation.
  • Legal, Tax, & Business coaching to identify your best business structure Sole Proprietor vs Professional Corporation (PC) vs. Professional LLC (PLLC).
  • Tax coaching to determine S Corp or C Corp designation.
  • Agency business support and resourcing for your micro-business.
  • Personalized legal coaching and recommendations associated with the corporation setup process and associated tax entity status.
  • Provision of “As Is & As If” Tax Analysis comparing your past year’s tax return data with a side-by-side analysis of your next contract comparing income & taxes as a W-2 vs Sole Proprietor vs S-Corp vs C-Corp tax entity status.
  • Provision of an “As Is & As If” Household Cash Flow Analysis comparing side-by-side data with your past tax year to your next contract income as W-2 vs Sole Proprietor vs S-Corp vs C-Corp tax entity status.
  • Provision of summary document reviewing the overall recommendations and your expected change in:
    • Income
    • Tax Savings
    • Effective Tax Rate
    • Retirement Savings
    • Retained annual income through the SimpliMD program
  • Legal review with general comments and recommendations on your contract associated with the feasibility evaluation and subsequent onboarding
  • Compensation analysis in collaboration with Contract Diagnostics to insure your contract is at the Fair Market Value of your current contract
  • Contract Negotiation services are available as an add-on feature to our feasibility services*
    This can be performed by SimpliMD or outsourced to Contract Diagnostics.
  • SimpliMD can provide a fee for service PSA contract formation services should a prospective employer need assistance with this in the formation of an employment lite contract.
  • Collaboration with your existing business professionals.
  • Credit for costs of feasibility study will be applied to the costs of the Onboarding & Implementation steps of the SimpliMD PC-Employment Lite program
  • The feasibility step allows for rapid movement to the onboarding and implementation phases in a cost-effective manner.
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