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Tod Stillson MD
President SimpliMD

Watch my reel from a recent YouTube Episode Where I Share My Passion For Physician Micro-Corporations

You can watch the complete YouTube episode here.

I Get You-Because I Was In Your Shoes

Tired of searching for small business answers in chat rooms, google searches, and websites because you were never taught this stuff in your training?

Looking for some personalized advice that you can be certain is reliable and tailored to your physician life?

You can lean into me, and trust me to lead you to a path that helps you thrive in the marketplace.

As my best-selling book "Doctor Incorporated: Stop The Insanity of Traditional Employment and Preserve your Professional Autonomy" unpacks, there are a lot of small business strategies that you just don't know about.

The truth is that you many of you don't even know what you don't know and professional micro-corporations

That's because you have blind spots.

Let's talk and see if our exclusive physician community and our resources at SimpliMD can help you overcome those blind spots, and get started on the road to professional micro-business competency.

Our 30 minute meeting will cover:

You'll get all this for just $25, and beyond the invaluable professional advise that you will receive--your payment will be transformed into at $50 coupon for a SimpliMD membership worth $2500!

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