Our Legal Team Will Provide You Concierge Level Services To Help You Create The Perfect Legal Structure For Your Corporation


You Are Too Valuable

Too often doctors are tempted to get a local attorney who will create a copy & paste corporation for you, or worse yet use Legal Zoom. Don't skimp! Let SimpliMD's network create an individualized corporation specifically made for your special needs as a doctor.

You Are Not The Average Small Business

High net worth individuals like yourself need a corporate structure with sophisticated tax advantaged fringe benefits, asset protection, and tax entity selection advise that maximizes your retained income.

Engagement Process


Top features

  • This is the formal legal declaration of intent to do business with or ""engage"" with SimpliMD to start your corporation. We take this seriously and so should you.
  • This fee represents the professional time required to do a comprehensive assessment of your current and future professional & personal state.
  • It includes a business consultation to get to know you and understand your goals and associated needs
  • It includes a legal consultation through SimpliMD's recommended legal network with an attorney who focuses on high net worth physicians in helping them to organize their micro-corporation
  • It includes my SimpliMD Micro-Corporation Business Coaching 4-Pack worth $2000
  • It Includes SimpliMD annual membership worth $2500
  • It includes Members Only access to the waiting list for our course " Book-Keeping For Your Professional Micro-Business" worth $999
  • It includes a digital copy of my best selling book: "Doctor Incorporated: Stop The Insanity of Traditional Employment and Preserve Your Professional Autonomy"
  • These features separate SimpliMD from anyone else you will choose for this important professional work because it involves personalized care, concierge level legal services, ongoing coaching and support from a fellow physician, and connection to a community of doctors on the same journey.
  • Note this fee does NOT include the actual legal costs to create your corporation nor the state filing fee. The exact amount for the creation of your professional micro-corporation will be based on specifics of what is needed to meet your needs.
  • A basic, but highly personalized micro-corporation can usually be created for around $5000 through our legal network--but prices vary based on your unique needs.
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