Sometimes You Just Need A Consult From An Expert

We are experts at helping doctors create micro-corporations that are personalized to their unique lives.

Why work with SimpliMD? It's because I understand your world as a fellow physician, have created a micro-corporation myself, and have helped many physicians do the same.

You are a quick learner and highly intelligent--thus most of the time you can figure things out self-sufficiently. This is why we have created our SimpliMD website as a store with a range of free and paid resources for you to guide your own micro-business journey.

But there are other times it's best to save time, energy, and mistakes by letting a business, legal, or accounting professional help you with your micro-corporation.

Our network of trusted professionals can help you with concierge-level personalized services that are tailored to doctors. We know physicians! Let SimpliMD do the work for you!

Start Here With A $99 Business Consultation

Need a consultation to help you start your micro-corporation?

A micro-corporation is extremely personal and you will benefit from working with an agency familiar with doctors and their unique needs to build your ideal micro-corporation.


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At SimpliMD we'll help you walk through the following 3 basic steps for building your micro-corporation.

The end result will be a one-of-a-kind micro-corporation created in your name and structured to maximally benefit you and your household.


It Begins With Choosing The Best Professional Micro-Corporation Legal Structure That Fits Your Life

Our network of preferred legal providers will manage every step of the process with you in building an individualized that is best for your professional and personal life.

Let SimpliMD Help You Create Your Micro-Corporation


Next You Will Need To Choose The Best Tax & Asset Protection Structure For Your Micro-Corporation.

Through a comprehensive legal, accounting, and business analysis we'll evaluate which would be your best tax classification and guide you to the right one for your your corporation. Don't guess, let us help you do this correctly.

Let SimpliMD Help You Create Your Corporation


Then You Will To Decide On Personalized Fringe Benefits That You Need & Want In Your Micro-Corporation

W will get to know you, come to understand your personal and professional goals and then create a business structure that supports these goals.

We Know Doctors, Let Us Help You Create Your Personalized Micro-Corporation
You’re just a few steps away from a happier and more fulfilled life. Take the next step to build your career on a foundation that preserves your professional autonomy.

Consult With SimpliMD for only $99 To Help You Set Up Your Consultation
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Tod's experience and strategies helped me to see a better way to thrive!

-Dr. I.E., Cardiologist


Don’t think twice. Tod and his SimpliMD business consultation as it easily pays for itself by reducing your taxes

-Dr. A.W., Family Doctor


Thanks to Tod, I have the confidence to go after my dreams with a micro-corporation as my foundation.

-Dr. C.I., Ophthamologist

Are Confident That You Are Ready To Move Forward?  You Can Skip Our Business Consultation Step and Engage With SimpliMD to Help Create Your Micro-Corporation. 


You Are Not Just A Transaction, You are A Relationship To Us.


We Are Here To Support and Coach You On Your Journey To Small Business Competency


You Will Become A Member of Our Community of Like-Minded Physicians


You Will End Up With A Highly Personalized One of a Kind Micro-Corporation


 Here is what you'll receive from our concierge level offer that only costs $500, and I promise it's a level of service and support unlike anyone else.


  • Concierge-level support to connect you to a Business, Legal, and Account network who will help create a personalized professional micro-corporation

  • A personalized meeting allowing me to understand your personal and professional worlds.

  •  An abbreviated assessment of your personal and professional state.

  •  An analysis of how a micro-business structure could help you.

  • Next step plans

  • It includes a business consultation worth $99 to get to know you and understand your goals and associated needs.

  • It includes access to  SimpliMD's recommended legal network with preferred availability and pricing from an experienced attorney who focuses on high net worth physicians.  You will gain private access that is reserved for SimpliMD members only and includes members-only pricing for your personalized micro-corporation.

  • It includes my SimpliMD Micro-Corporation Business Coaching 4-Pack worth $2000

  • It Includes a SimpliMD annual membership worth $2500

  • It includes members only wait list access to a 50% off coupon for my course "Doctor, You Are A Business" that normally costs $999.

  • Membership coupons that can be applied to the use of our professional network and website products.

  • A free digital copy of my best-selling book: "Doctor Incorporated: Stop The Insanity of Traditional Employment and Preserve Your Professional Autonomy"

Engage With SimpliMD Now To Start Your Micro-Corporation
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Have Business Needs That Go Beyond Starting A Micro-Corporation?

Whether you need help re-organizing or using your existing micro-corporation, or you have business enterprise questions, we are here to help you! Just schedule a free consultation here and we'll explore if we can help--no cost, no obligation.

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