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My Journey To Empowering Physicians Through SimpliMD

May 17, 2024

There are times when it's important to revisit the fundamental question of why this SimpliMD micro-business community exists. I think it's crucial to explain my "Why" that reveals the non-business but more human side of why I send out these posts nearly every day. So let’s dive into my story.

Transition 1

My journey in medicine has been an intricate tapestry of experiences, each shaping my understanding of what it means to be both a healer and an entrepreneur. The trajectory of my career changed dramatically when my young wife was diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant with our second child. Faced with this devastating news, we made the difficult decision to leave the private practice in Virginia that I had just joined 2 years prior, and move closer to our family in Indiana for support. I accepted the simplicity of a traditional employment position, which allowed me to focus on caring for my ill wife and our two young children without the additional burdens of managing a practice. Despite our best efforts, she passed away from breast cancer 18 months after we returned home.

In the aftermath of her passing, the constraints of traditional employment began to feel stifling. Although the stability had initially been a relief, it soon became clear that the lack of professional autonomy and control over my practice was deeply unfulfilling. I found myself constrained by rigid corporate policies and a lack of flexibility that prevented me from providing the personalized care I was passionate about. The fulfillment I sought in my career seemed out of reach, buried under layers of bureaucracy that stifled my ability to innovate and truly connect with my patients.

The last straw was when I was asked to take a pay cut by my hospital employer despite running a very busy outpatient clinic while simultaneously handling inpatient adult and pediatric care, ICU care, surgical obstetrics, newborn care, and periodic ER assistance during patient surges—on top of being on call. I was working hard every day but the burden of the work volume along with hassles of being and employee were starting to burn me out.

Transition 2

This all came to a head about a decade ago. While under the guidance of some business consultants, I discovered a solution that would profoundly change my professional life: the PC-employment lite model. This hybrid approach offered the best of both worlds—the independence of private practice with the stability of employment. It restored my professional autonomy, allowing me to reclaim control over my practice while benefiting from the support structures of employment. The transformation was nothing short of liberating. For the first time in years, I felt empowered to practice medicine on my terms, reinvigorated by the newfound balance between autonomy and support.

This personal renaissance ignited a passion within me to share this model with other physicians. I had witnessed too many colleagues, talented and dedicated, become disheartened by the constraints of traditional employment. I knew that the PC-employment lite model could offer them a path to professional fulfillment and autonomy. My desire to help others navigate these complexities only intensified when my oldest son decided to pursue a career in medicine. As a father and a mentor, I felt a deep responsibility to equip him with the knowledge and strategies that could help him thrive in an increasingly challenging field.

What started as heartfelt advice to my son quickly grew into a document that was more like a comprehensive guide. As I began writing down my experiences and insights, I realized that I had the makings of a book that could benefit many physicians, not just my son. This led to the creation of “Doctor Incorporated: Stop The Insanity of Traditional Employment and Preserve Your Professional Autonomy.” In this Amazon best-selling book, I distilled the lessons I had learned, offering practical guidance for physicians seeking to reclaim their professional independence and thrive in their careers. It has been met with rave reviews that typically goes something like “Every doctor should read this amazing book.”. Not a week goes by that I don’t speak to doctor who read it and became inspired to follow my lead. I have to admit, that feels good! By the way, check it out here if you have never read it, and then schedule a business consultation with me to discuss how a micro-corporation might help you!

However, writing a book was only the beginning. I wanted to reach a broader audience and provide ongoing support to physicians navigating their professional journeys. This desire gave birth to two online physician business education platforms: Dr. Incorporated and SimpliMD. These platforms are designed to empower physicians with the business acumen and tools necessary to thrive as micro-businesses. SimpliMD, in particular, offers a comprehensive course titled 'Doctor, You Are A Business,' that will be available later this summer. The course features nearly 100 snippets across seven modules. It covers essential aspects of running a successful professional micro-corporation, from financial management to marketing strategies, providing physicians with actionable insights and practical tools.

Transition 3

Even in my post-retirement phase that will begin June 27th, my passion for helping you thrive remains undiminished. Through SimpliMD and Dr. Incorporated, I will continue to support doctors in achieving business competency and professional autonomy. My mission is to inspire every US physician to see themselves as empowered micro-businesses within the marketplace. I believe that with the right knowledge and support, every doctor can achieve a fulfilling and autonomous professional life.

I invite all physicians to join the SimpliMD community. I could use your help with this goal by asking you to invite your peers to join us by sending them this link to download a free digital copy of my best selling book.

My resources are designed to help you navigate the complexities of the medical profession with confidence and skill. Check out my business coaching products and my flagship course, 'Doctor, You Are A Business.' that has a waitlist that is growing for our summer session. By taking the first step towards reclaiming your professional autonomy, you can join a community of empowered physicians who are not just healers, but also successful entrepreneurs. Together, we can create a future where physicians thrive both professionally and personally, achieving a balance that benefits their patients and themselves.